I often tend to make notes, calculations and whatnot about various things related to raiding. I usualy keep them to myself, this has several disadvantages. One, if they’re wrong, noone will ever be able to correct me. Two, they’re not being useful to anyone else. As such, I figured I might as well start a small blog and write down my various things.

After playing worgen for a while, I got entirely fed up with the “dress on a dog” thing and decided I needed a change, I liked both the gnome and draenei animations quite a lot. As such, I decided to pick whichever of the two had the best racials for my arcane spec. An hour of fiddling resulted in the following:



  Dwarf  -5   Undead  -15.68
  Human  +0   Goblin  +215.83
  Night elf  +0   Blood elf  +269.34
  Worgen  +220.68   Orc  +321.82
  Draenei  +238.16   Troll  +380.94
  Gnome  +424.06

This was made using Rawr with my own character as reference. After noting down what dps number I had on an optimized human profile, I did the following:

  1. Switch to the race to benchmark
  2. Optimize gear
  3. Note down DPS

Due to this, the Draenei’s racials in particular is very much dependant on what other stat you can get instead, in my case, it was mastery.

Looking at these numbers, its quite obvious that race can make quite a substantial difference, with the top and bottom race of each race being roughly 400dps apart (Thats 120k damage over the course of a 5 minute fight!).

I’m particularly disapointed with undead having no dps racial at all (even though I won’t play horde anytime soon), seeing as I think they have the coolest casting animations in the game.

This concludes this first (and rather short) blog entry, I hope someone will actualy read this! 🙂